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The most valuable litigation attorneys can provide their clients, especially business clients, is assisting them to recognize areas of potential litigation and recommending solutions to avoid costly legal proceedings before problems arise. This litigation is accomplished by building a strong working relationship with our clients, providing day-to-day consultations concerning all aspects of business transactions, and advising our clients on potential legal ramifications. However, when litigation is necessary, Horn & Lee has developed a reputation for taking aggressive and effective courses of actions to protect our client’s rights. This reputation has earned us the trust of individual clients, small business owners, and large private corporations.  


Horn & Lee represents clients in virtually every type of litigation, including corporate, commercial, contracts, insurance, real estate and personal injury. Our effectiveness stems from our ability to initiate and respond to situations which require immediate recourse to the courts. Clients are often confronted with crises requiring immediate action, and we, as a firm, are experienced in both seeking and defending against requests for emergency injunctions.


In addition to representing clients at trial, our firm routinely represents clients in matters before administrative and regulatory agencies, and in alternative dispute resolution procedures. Furthermore, we perfect and defend appeals in appellate courts.