We stand for expertice and years of experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines.

The Legal Team Of Horn & Lee, PLLC
Corporate Division
  • Formation and Maintenance of Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships and Companies, Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships

  • Draft and Negotiate Lease Agreements

  • Draft and Negotiate Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Counsel General Business Transactions

  • Advise on all aspects of Contract and Tort Law

Corporate executives and managers make daily decisions that have lasting legal implications. They form corporations and partnerships, enter into contracts, and buy and sell merchandise routinely. To provide better service , Horn & Lee advises clients on all aspects of its business operation. Our firm drafts, reviews, advises and negotiates all forms of commercial agreements, contracts, and license applications. From drafting an employment contacts to processing a liquor license application, Horn & Lee have the expertise and the experience to serve our client’s business needs.