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The Legal Team Of Horn & Lee, PLLC

Insurance Defense Litigation

Our philosophy at Horn & Lee is to always collaborate with insurance providers, claims professionals, claimants, insureds and corporate management to ensure that each insured receives competent, efficient and professional legal representation. At Horn& Lee, we know how to efficiently and timely manage and resolve matters involving varied types of claims against insureds.

Directors & Officers Coverage 

The Firm's corporate and litigation practice recognizes and understands the roles and management decisions of directors and officers. This allows Horn & Lee to efficiently gather relevant facts, to assess potential risk, and to effectively resolve any potentially complex claims made against the corporation and its management. The prevalence of litigation brought against corporate entities and their directors and officers necessitates not only proper insurance coverage, but corporate education regarding the varied State and Federal regulatory laws, proper employment practices, corporate governance, and the proper discharge of management's fiduciary duties. Since a corporation’s management makes daily decisions that have lasting legal implications, Horn & Lee remains on the forefront of changing statutes and case law pertaining to corporate governance and employment law. Horn & Lee uses this expertise to constantly educate its corporate clients and their management with the information they require to efficiently operate any size company and effectively avoid potential exposure that may arise from the corporate strategies, financial judgments, and business decisions that management is hired to advance.

Motor Vehicle Accident Defense 

Horn & Lee, P.C. motor vehicle and transportation defense practice is grounded in years of experience defending claims for personal injuries, wrongful death and physical damage. Our attorneys have defended insurance carriers, self-insured companies, rental car agencies, construction companies and insured individuals in a variety of motor vehicle accident. The Firm is readily equipped to handle all aspects of motor vehicle cases from inception through trials and appeals if required.


The Firm's partners have defended Alamo Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental and their rental patrons. They have also defended various construction companies and New York City contractors, such as Petrocelli Electric Co., Inc. and Maspeth Supply Co., LLC, which often have claims resulting from driver negligence, maintenance failures and other careless actions.


The Firm's goal of efficient claim resolution starts with our attorneys determining the circumstances of the accident and questioning the seriousness of a plaintiff's injuries in their vigorous pursuit of every possible defense. This fact gathering is essential to determining whether to enter into settlement negotiations or to litigate the claim to resolution. Our office's focus on efficient accident investigation directly translates into the proactive development of defense strategies and ultimately to the timely resolution of claims.


This important focus is supported by our longstanding relationship with nationally renowned medical professionals and experts in the field of bio mechanics and accident reconstruction. These relationships make it possible for our experts to quickly and systematically gather and document evidence that would otherwise be lost. Similarly, we consult with nationally renowned medical experts to obtain opinions to assist our attorneys and the claims of professionals in evaluating the nature and extent of a claimed injury.


Our Firm prides itself in keeping up to date on a recent case law regarding what constitutes the serious injury threshold under New York State Insurance Law § 5102(d). Our attorneys then apply this statutory threshold in their aggressive defense through the use of dis positive motions for outright dismissal or as an effective bargaining tool to achieve equitable settlements.


Horn & Lee, P.C. also has the necessary knowledge to resolve complex coverage issues related to motor vehicle claims. While our Federal practice experience allows us to be ever diligent in ascertaining if a case is appropriate for removal to the Federal arena, which can often be an effective resolution strategy.


In addition to our proficiency in civil litigation and pre-trial settlement negotiations, we routinely appear for alternative dispute resolution, including binding and non-binding arbitration hearings.

General Liability & Commercial General Liability 

The unique background and resources of Horn, Lee & Cestaro's founding partners allows them to effectively understand the contents of insurance policies, the types of coverage afforded to various insured, and the claims, allegations and lawsuits brought against them. Through its core client base, Horn & Lee focuses heavily on defending claims made against business owners, partners, shareholders, contractors and subcontractors.


The use of general liability and commercial general liability coverage is essential to the modern business owner's measures to minimize risks associated with conducting business in our litigious society. The Firm's litigation practice group has a proven track record in insurance defense and representing insureds in high-stakes and often complex New York State and Federal causes of action.    


The Firm has in-depth experience and knowledge of the laws pertaining to claims involving bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, workplace injury, liability resulting from misleading or fraudulent advertising, and claims of slander and libel. Horn, Lee & Cestaro surpasses all others in defending contractors and subcontractors in construction related claims involving bodily injury and property damage.


Horn & Lee's expertise in regards to the relationship between insurance carriers, their claims professionals and insureds ensures that our attorneys will work closely with claims professional to ensure that every insured receives quality legal representation. Legal representation that is squarely within each insurance carrier's billing and procedural guidelines. Constant communication between attorneys, carriers, and their insureds is an essential tool of our insurance defense team. Horn, Lee & Cestaro excels at litigating and resolving these claims, because it recognizes the importance of client service both inside and outside the courtroom.

Premises Liability 

With the prevalence of litigation in today's world, property, building and business owners, tenants, and managing agents are all faced with potential liability every time someone comes on to their property. The attorneys at Horn & Lee have successfully defended premises liability, negligent security, negligent snow and ice removal, suits alleging improper security measures, violations of the Americans with Disability Act, and a myriad of personal injury claims for a combined total of 35 years.

The Firm has also successfully defended claims involving physical and sexual assault, and wrongful death claims.


Premises liability claims often impact retailers, department stores, grocers, restaurants, manufacturers and commercial tenants. Building owners and landlords are often called to task when injury or damage occurs on their premises, which is why Horn, Lee & Cestaro aggressively defends these premise cases in the State and Federal courts.

Professional Liability 

Horn & Lee has also defended varies types of professionals such as architects and engineers, accountants and CPA's, insurance agents and brokers, appraisers, financial advisers, and title and real estate agents. These professionals have increasingly had claims brought against them, which necessitates their increasing need for insurance coverage and effective legal representation, which Horn, Lee & Cestaro's insurance defense group has consistently provided.


The Firm has also represented professionals in medical malpractice claims, and claims brought against varied types of healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Construction Law

Horn& Lee is also highly experienced in defending design professionals, building and land owners, developers, construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors involved in complex commercial and residential construction and personal injury claims.


When representing insureds involved in construction, the Firm has defended a wide variety of claims, including those based on construction delays, contract disputes, construction defects, structural defects and failures, New York State labor law disputes, and construction management claims. Horn & Lee has defended companies involved in all aspects of the construction trade, from those involved in small to multi-million dollars projects. To name a few, the Firm has litigated matters involving the construction of apartment complexes, high-rise condominium projects, skyscrapers, office buildings, warehouses, and retail space.


As construction based claims are potentially difficult and complex cases to litigate, it is essential to have an experienced legal team, such as Horn & Lee, to defend the construction insureds and assess the potential of risk transfer by way of aggressive tenders coupled with declaratory judgment actions. Each of the Firm's founding partners have the backgrounds, experience and first hand knowledge from other practice areas to effectively defend and resolves these construction related claims. The strength of Horn & Lee's multiple disciplined litigators provides a level of representation to its clients that is surpassed by none.           


Further, the Firm's transactional group lends additional expertise in assessing, defending and resolving issues regarding contract formation, risk transfer by way of aggressive tenders, and the development and construction process in general.

Labor & Employment Law

The Labor and Employment group at Horn & Lee is highly experienced in representing business owners, their management and shareholders in varied labor and employment issues. The Firm is frequently called on to defend employers against claims involving wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, discrimination and wage claims as well as alleged violation of State and Federal labor and employment laws in both administrative and judicial settings.


The Firm recognizes that most often the greatest value litigation attorneys can provide a client, especially a business client, is assisting them in recognizing areas of potential litigation and recommending solutions that can facilitate risk avoidance, allocation and transfer rather than costly legal proceedings. This is accomplished by building a strong working relationship with our clients' insureds, providing advice concerning all aspects of business transactions so as to avoid potentially adverse legal ramifications. However, when litigation is necessary, Horn & Lee has developed a reputation for taking aggressive and effective courses of actions to protect the insureds rights. This reputation has earned us the trust of individual clients, small business owners, and large private corporations.


The Firm's diverse client base effectively stems from our ability to initiate and respond to situations which require immediate legal action. The firm recognizes that insureds are often confronted with crises requiring immediate action, investigation, issue determination, risk avoidance and transfer, and an efficient resolution strategy. Horn & Lee is there to provide immediate legal representation in this regard.


In addition to representing clients in the formal discovery process, throughout trial and in the appellate courts, our Firm routinely represents clients in matters before State and Federal administrative and regulatory agencies, and in alternative dispute resolution procedures.